Andrea MacDonald-website photo standing cropped.jpgAs a professionally trained journalist, Word House founder Andrea MacDonald learned to ask the right questions, see the big picture and put it all in context to produce an engaging news story. Now that she works in PR, she uses those same skills to place her clients in the best possible light.

While the medium may have changed, the message hasn’t. Storytelling remains the best way to capture the essence of an organization and win the heart of the reader.

Andrea has also worked as a communications advisor to one of Canada’s busiest cabinet ministers, where she fine-tuned her PR skills in such areas as speeches and scripts.

While taking a series of intensive business training workshops, Andrea realized how much she enjoyed working with other entrepreneurs. She created Word House Communications in 2014 to promote the interests of other businesses and organizations. A plain-language advocate, Andrea also enjoys making government documents more user-friendly.

With close to 20 years of experience in journalism and PR, Andrea loves to help others uncover their Unique Selling Proposition or USP. In her spare time, she is a boater, RVer and kitchen-gadget fanatic. Andrea makes her home on the beautiful east coast of Canada with her husband and daughter, who inspires much of her writing on the topic of severe allergies.